Murata Seiko and her male counterpart get upgrades, we get another look at their awesome skills

Murata Seiko, or Murata Girl, is a pretty impressive, attractive little piece of work. The unicycling, dress-wearing robot brings smiles wherever she goes, we're sure (when we had the chance to see her in person that was certainly the case). You may or may not have known that Murata also has a bike riding male counterpart called Little Seisaku? Well, they've both just gotten their upgrades for the year, and that, of course, gives us another opportunity to admire them in all their cuteness. While there aren't any videos of their improvements yet, we know that Murata Girl's now able to traverse an S-shaped balance beam in addition to her straight one, while Little Seisaku's charging capabilities have been upgraded (he can now do so wirelessly), and he's more efficient, too. Check out another shot below.