Sanyo announces 2500mAh XX eneloop batteries, suitable only for devices aged 18 and over

Rechargeable batteries keep a lot of toxic goop out of the world's landfills, but ones that drain themselves whilst just sitting there in the drawer aren't exactly perfect themselves. Sanyo licked that problem with its eneloop cells, thanks to their low self-discharge rates, and now the company is doing even better: boosting capacity. Sanyo will soon ship the eneloop XX battery in AA size, a 2500mAh cell that offers 25 percent more oomph than its predecessors. Even more important? The black and silver logo that serves as "a further testament to Sanyo's design strength." These up-rated and macho-designed batteries start shipping in Europe in December and, while no price has yet been assigned, given the number of times Sanyo mentions "professional" in its press release (six) they probably won't be cheap.