Sprint Epic 4G update delayed by 'administrative issues,' consumer rage released on schedule

And this, folks, is a lesson of what not to do if you're a major carrier with a majorly perturbed user base. In a way, this sort of feels like the Instinct update debacle all over again, with users claiming that a promised software update was being held beyond the 30 day return window in order to keep contracts alive. 24 hours after a Sprint forum administrator proudly proclaimed that a long-awaited Epic 4G software update was rolling out over the next few days, another admin has chimed in with a nearly-audible "sike!" Rather than letting users cheer its hard work over the weekend, Epic 4G owners are now being told that "administrative issues" are to blame for a new delay -- a delay that'll stretch on for an undetermined amount of time, to boot. Oh, and back on the topic of what not to do, the operator's forum admin has also thrown a jab at all of you out there that would even think of accusing Sprint of pushing this update beyond the 30 day return window. Look, we all know it's a baseless conspiracy theory, but there's really no need to get feisty, is there? Full announcement is after the break.

Update: Looks as if the update is out there if you're brave enough to do it yourself. But honestly, is it worth it? Probably.

[Thanks, Edward]

We learned this evening that there were administrative issues getting this software loaded to Google's servers. We don't yet have an expected time when this will be available but will update you as soon as possible. Please see the statement below that was sent by the Sprint Product Management team:

We were planning to release an update for your Samsung Epic 4G on 9/30. The file was delivered and on track for distribution but late this afternoon, we learned that an administrative issue prevented Google from releasing the update as we had planned. We are working to resolve the issue and will provide an update as soon as we understand the new delivery schedule.

We would like to clarify that the timing of this update has nothing to do with the 30 day return window that many of you on these blogs have been discussing and that this delay has nothing to do with any last minute changes within the release package itself. The delay is simply due to an administrative issue that we are working to resolve.