T-Mobile G2 trouble roundup: loose hinges, missing storage?

You know the drill -- new handset, new problems. It's pretty much inevitable that sporadic reports of bugs and hardware problems are going to start popping up by day two of any major phone launch, and sure enough, complaints are starting to circulate on two biggies for the G2. First off, some of the phones are shipping with loose hinges; the most obvious symptom is that holding it upside down causes the screen to hang down, but perhaps more annoyingly, holding it at some angles causes the screen to snap shut if it's open -- still not a huge deal since most humans don't use their phones upside down, but it seems like they could've tightened up a few springs to prevent this from happening.

Secondly -- and more strangely -- at least some G2s in the field appear to have half the promised storage space of 4GB, clocking in at a total of 2GB, which just happens to be the amount promised on the phone's Desire Z doppelganger. We're not sure how that kind of mix-up happens... but if it's legit, T-Mobile's got to take back the units or offer really big microSD cards to affected customers, if you ask us. More on this as it develops -- and let us know your experiences so far in comments.

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