myTouch HD confirmed by T-Mobile website, could be free on contract? (update: live!)

Erudite tipster Abe found this little gem -- if you search for "HSPA" at T-Mobile's online store, up pops the image above, and as you can no doubt see with your sparkling eyes, that's the myTouch HD we're looking at. Or perhaps just the "myTouch," as that's the moniker on this particular page, or even the "myTouch 2," as that's the name affixed to the tiny image. No matter what it's called, though, it looks like that front-facing camera is confirmed, and given our query we wouldn't be terribly surprised if it had HSPA+ connectivity too. The big question is how disappointed you'll be if it's not "priced as low as free" when the handset comes out.

Update: Tipster David R. found some extra shots of the HTC handset buried deep in T-Mobile's site -- it's got a black front, but the back of the unit is actually silver and white. You'll find a 3.5mm headset jack up top, a micro-USB port on the left and a likely shutter button on the right, while the rear has a camera with what appear to be LED flash and speakerphone to either side.

Update 2: That link didn't work before, but it sure does now -- it's the myTouch, and it's got HSPA+ all right.