FLO TV killed by Qualcomm, its four users look shocked and saddened

We'd heard from a couple of internal sources on Friday that Qualcomm was pulling the plug on the ill-fated FLO TV direct-to-consumer service, and now we've reason to believe that the deed is in fact done. Despite the company's best attempts at playing up the idea of carrying around a mobile TV and paying yet another content subscription bill, it seems as if the public's wishes are finally being recognized. According to our sources, Qualcomm is informing partner retailers to stop selling FLO TV products immediately, and sure enough, a glance over at Best Buy's website reveals that only a couple of accessories remain in stock. We're guessing that Wally World is hoping to rid itself of as much stock as possible before the news goes mainstream, but in all likelihood, those units will too vanish into the night in short order. It's bruited that Qualcomm is still in discussions with AT&T and Verizon on the future of its wholesale MediaFLO service, and we've reached out for comment on the future of service for those who already sprung for a FLO TV Personal Television. We'll let you know what else we hear, but for now, be sure to stay away from a product you were never, ever interested in to begin with. It'll be a challenge, we know.