RED founder Jim Jannard calls prosumer Scarlet 'a mistake'

Perhaps it should be no surprise, considering the heartbreaking delays (and $1,000 price bump) the Scarlet has already endured, but it looks like the project is undergoing a major shift in focus -- namely, it will no longer be targeted towards prosumers. EOS HD quotes RED founder Jim Jannard thusly:

The concept of RED was to build a camera with as much capability as possible... for the professional market. Then we thought we could extend it down a bit to the prosumer level. Apparently, that was a mistake.

He also says that "plenty of companies [are] dedicated to selling prosumer (short for 'almost right') cameras. We aren't going to be one of them." And later, "we had no idea what we were doing... Nothing works like it is supposed to." Ouch. Although we respect the man's candor (if not his eyewear), it's hard to say exactly what this all means: is the Scarlet camera going to be scuttled completely (probably not), or merely priced out of consideration for the (well-heeled) consumer? Either way, you can officially consider us bummed out.