Hack improves Nokia N8's image and video quality, puts a hurting on your memory card (video)

Clearly a lot of folks out there are pretty passionate about the quality of their cameraphone pics. So too is cellphone modder hyperX, who is developing some custom tweaks to improve the quality of the stills and vids coming out of Nokia's latest darling. First is a hack to enable 720p30 video, a slight improvement over the 720p25 default. That's demonstrated after the break, along with a continuous autofocus mod. More notable, however, is a tweak to enable nearly uncompressed images. Stock JPEGs coming from the camera clock in around 2MB, but the example image he's provided (on the other end of that source link) is a rather heftier 11MB -- truly a hack that won't do your memory card any favors, but it'll sure make those pixels shine. Sadly without back-to-back before and after images we can't say for sure what kind of tangible improvement this makes, but we hear if you ask nicely he'll let you try it out for yourself.