Live from the Logitech Google TV event!

It all starts at 3:00PM EST, we'll see you then!

4:21PM Dish Network just came up to us and said the integration will work on Sony Google TV devices, but it's still really unclear. We'll have to dig deeper.

4:17PM And we're done! We're going to get some demos on.

4:17PM Q: What version of Chrome does it use? Does it follow the same upgrade path? A: It's Chrome 5, and it "operates pretty much identically." That was the answer... to a different question.

4:16PM Q: Can the cable companies or DirecTV block the Revue if they think it's a threat? A: It's not a threat -- it's an enabler, not a competitor. Second, there's not a way, it's just HDMI.

4:15PM Q: Can you use more than one Google account? A: Not yet, but we're working on it?

4:14PM Q: Is there going to be advertising popping up on Google TV? A: Just like your Chrome browser on your Mac or PC, we're just rendering what's on that site. We're not doing anything specific -- there's no specific monetization for Google TV at this time.

4:14PM Google takes privacy seriously, guys.

4:13PM Q: Are you tracking any TV viewing, can users mark channels as favorites? A: Google takes privacy very seriously. You can browse incognito -- there are a lot of settings to control that. And everything is anonymous.

4:12PM Q: What do you lose by using the mini controller? A: Nothing!

4:11PM Q: Will you be able to push content from other Android apps to the Revue? A: We can't speak for other apps, but there's nothing stopping them.

4:09PM Q: Can you plug in a USB drive and send video off that drive over a video call? A: No, not at this time.

4:09PM Q: How does this work in a multi-DVR environment? A: (laughs) First things first! We'll do this well in one room and then move on, but it won't interfere with any of the existing tech you have.

4:08PM Q: Will any Logitech camera work? A: In the future, but this camera includes hardware compression, so it's the only one that works right now.

4:05PM There will be an Android SDK for Google TV -- unless there's a specific mobile-focused feature in an app, it'll just run on Google TV. "We don't think these guys will build an accelerometer into their box."

4:03PM Q: (from us!) So Dish DVR integration will only work with the Revue and not any of the Sony Google TV devices? A: That's correct -- Dish DVR integration won't work with Sony Google TV devices. It's a short period of exclusivity between Logitech and Dish.

4:01PM Q: Is this the end of Sling? A: No.

3:59PM Q: Will any device that works with Harmony work with Revue? A: Yes.

3:59PM Q: What if you want to cut cable? How do you use Google TV then? A: You can just plug it right into your TV, or use another ATSC tuner device.

3:57PM Q: When will Android apps and Flash be supported? A: Flash 10.1 works now, and Android Market will come as soon as possible in 2011. Michael Gartenberg is sitting next to us, muttering "Gingerbread."

3:56PM Q: Is there a new Netflix app for this box? Is your Netflix account connected to search? A: He brought up the Netflix interface -- it's basically the old-style Roku Netflix interface, with no search or discovery. It's a generation behind, really.

3:55PM Q: What file types and codecs will be supported? A: We'll get you a list... MP3, AAC, MKV." MKV!

3:54PM Q: How does the IR blaster work? A: The IR emitters are in the box, you don't need blasters, but you can use them. The remote can bring up your cable or satellite box's guide. He just brought up the Dish guide -- and guess what? It looks like a totally different interface underneath the Google TV UI.

3:52PM Q: Any integration with Hulu or any other networks? A: Right now Hulu is actually blocking the box, but Hulu and Google are in discussions right now.

3:51PM The phone is over WiFi, obviously.

3:51PM Q: What is the wireless standard in the controller? A: It's now all RF. You can get other controllers from Logitech like keyboards and mice and use them without dongles.

3:50PM Q: What cable providers will this work with? A: The experience is provider-agnostic, but the deeper DVR integration is with Dish. Anything you can do with your existing remote you can do with the Revue controller.

3:49PM And it's Q/A time! Let's get some learning done here.

3:48PM Revue devices available for pre-order from and starting today. It'll be on shelves and ready to ship by the end of the month.

3:47PM The Revue and Dish boxes will talk over HDMI, so it's a single cable connection. Dish says its working exclusively with Logitech -- we'll have to see if Dish DVRs work with Sony's Google TV products. Google TV fragmentation? Is that going to be a new thing?

3:46PM Dish and Logitech have developed a "unique pairing protocol" that allows the two boxes to interoperate -- DVR results show up in the Google TV search, and there's a "seamless" DVR interface for recording. It will also work with Sling tech, which is interesting -- we'll have to see how that works.

3:44PM Michael Kelly from Dish Network is on stage. Guess what? He thinks the Revue is pretty great, and it's even better when paired with a Dish Network box.

3:44PM That's a total of $450 for each end of your living room video conference -- pretty steep.

3:43PM Wrap-up time -- and pricing info. The Revue will be $299 with the keyboard controller, the keyboard alone will be $99, the mini controller is $129, and the TV camera is $149.

3:41PM The camera has a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens optimized for low-light, and two "living room quality microphones." We'll definitely have to check out the audio quality in person -- what we heard was adequate at best.

3:40PM Vivek is doing some camera control tricks with the keyboard -- zooming in, panning, kicking back out to wide angle.

3:39PM Praneet sounds like she's in a cave -- the audio is super echo-y. The video looks great, though.

3:39PM Let's chat with Praneet and Vivek, shall we?

3:39PM Showing off a call now -- you can call from another TV with a Revue, or any Mac or PC running Logitech Vid HD.

3:38PM There's a missed call light on the camera itself -- it's a little LED. There's also a missed call indicator on the Vid HD homescreen.

3:37PM "You'll see that we've designed the user interface with ease of use and ease of viewing in mind." It's big and clean -- a single click on a contact starts the call.

3:35PM "The experience starts with Logitech Vid HD on Google TV -- it's plug and play." Sounds great, but what a terrible name.

3:35PM "Consumers want a more comfortable video calling experience." He's holding the camera -- it's pretty big, actually.

3:34PM "As many of you know, Logitech has been a leading innovator of video calling."

3:34PM "We're particularly excited about video calling in the living room." Demo time!

3:33PM And that's it for the demo! Let's see what's next.

3:32PM The search function indexes DLNA sources and connected hard drives as well, which is pretty great -- you can get to any content on your network if it works as promised.

3:32PM The Media Player app works with any DLNA server to stream content to the Revue. He's streaming some music, and demoing the Harmony integration by adjusting the volume after the search.

3:31PM Oh, and Pandora and Netflix as well.

3:30PM App time -- "Revue comes preloaded with all kinds of great apps." CNBC, Napster, NBA Game Time all on the screen. There's also a Logitech Media Player and video calling app in the list.

3:30PM Going over channel discovery and podcast viewers now.

3:29PM Talking about Chrome on the Revue now -- the home screen remembers your favorite channels, apps, and web pages.

3:28PM You can search for content on your phone and push it straight to the Revue using the Harmony Android app. He just brought up a Mariah Carey video on his Evo and had it loaded up on the Revue in seconds.

3:26PM Demoing voice search -- he brought up The Price is Right by saying it. Very cool.

3:26PM Showing off gesture control on an Evo to control the Revue -- it's a lot like Apple's Remote app, if you're familiar with that.

3:25PM "There's a third controller I'd like to show you -- it's your phone. Because it has the Revue behind it, you can turn your Android or iPhone into a Harmony remote, with no additional devices. And it's free."

3:24PM Introducing the Logitech Mini Controller, the Revue-specific version of the DiNovo Mini. It's still tiny and cute.

3:23PM The top row of buttons is for controlling your A/V rack.

3:22PM The keyboard is very light, designed for resting on your lap.

3:22PM "The second thing we need is a controller -- one that control thousands of applications, and all my other devices." Talking about the keyboard controller. "We worked very closely with Google on this."

3:21PM "I'm going to press the DualView button, and you'll see that my DVR content is playing on the right, and everywhere else I have a browser." It's picture in picture with a browser. Pretty cool, but will it beat having a laptop out? That's the big question.

3:20PM Showing off the DVR integration -- the Google TV interface was layered over the Dish DVR interface, which looked a little goofy.

3:19PM Showing YouTube playing in the Chrome browser -- it's at 360p, but it looks pretty good.

3:18PM You can bring search down on top of any screen -- apps, TV, whatever. He's searching for Top Gear, and it's bringing up results from the DVR, YouTube, and other sources. We've seen this demo before -- it's what Google showed at I/O.

3:17PM "To get going, the very first thing we'll need is search. Of course, that's exactly what the Google search bar helps us to do."

3:16PM Demo time! The keyboard is out on stage.

3:16PM There will be an HD video camera for video conferencing!

3:15PM You can obviously also use an Android phone or iPhone to control the Revue, as well as a Revue-specific version of the Dinovo Mini keyboard.

3:15PM The Harmony tech is actually in the Revue Box -- the keyboard communicates using RF, and the Revue sends out IR to all your devices.

3:13PM The keyboard is one of the "key ways in which we deliver the magic." That's definitely our new favorite pickup lines.

3:13PM "The magic with Logitech Revue is that everything just works."

3:12PM Showing the keyboard -- it has integrated Harmony remote technology.

3:12PM Talking about webcams now. "Logitech has been diligently working on perfecting the video calling experience for consumers." Big hints there.

3:11PM "With the Harmony remote, we reinvented the concept of the universal remote."

3:10PM "What does Logitech bring to the partnership? When you heard about Google TV, we probably weren't the first company you thought of. But we have a passion at Logitech: nothing between me and my content."

3:09PM The platform will launch with some apps, but the Market won't be open until 2011. That's a bummer.

3:09PM "Google TV is a new experience that integrates all the media from broadcast, the internet, and apps, and brings them all to your TV. That includes Flash-based games."

3:08PM That would have been a great time to start talking about the Revue, but instead Junien is going over some more stats about how apps are cool and there's video on the internet.

3:08PM "No one's provided a complete solution... until now."

3:07PM "This rich content is available from a variety of sources with a variety of interfaces. It's challenging to search for what you want to watch, or discover new content."

3:06PM Junien is going over the usual stats regarding online media. 25 hours of video uploaded to YouTube a day, so much music. "There hasn't been an products that bring all of this content together with a single interface... Not all the content is available on a single screen."

3:05PM Logitech EVP of consumer products Junien Labrousse is thanking all of the Google TV partners. "We saw a problem and an opportunity."

3:04PM There's also a mic in front of the center channel speaker, which is interesting.

3:04PM And we're underway! "Logitech Revue with Google TV: Seeing is believing in more ways than one."

3:03PM We're being asked to turn off our wireless devices -- the lesson from the first disastrous Google TV reveal was well learned, it seems.

3:02PM We just noticed that there's a camera on top of the TV -- looks like Logitech is coming hard after that new Cisco Umi rig.

3:01PM We're still just hanging. Logitech's gone with beat-thumping Middle Eastern for the music, which is fun.

2:49PM Hey we're here and in our seats waiting for the event to start -- there's a Revue on stage, sitting on top of a Dish Network DVR, so that's a lock. Will there be any other surprises? We'll find out!