MacBook Air supply dwindling for online retailers, rumor mill raises an eyebrow

In the market for a MacBook Air? Well, now may not be the best time. Apple Insider is reporting indirect sales channels (read: non-Apple stores) are running out of the thin-and-light with no indication of a replenishment. Indeed, we just checked Amazon, Best Buy, and a few other online retailers and were consistently greeted by limited- and out-of-stock notices. So, you know what the means -- new hardware rumors. Or rather, old ones resurfacing, such as the 11.6-inch display from late September. Compounding the community's curiosity would be vague tweets from famed company insider John Gruber, who casually mentioned "the imminent" new MacBook Air as a possible reason for the recent Apple Store downtime. Of course, that didn't turn out to be the case, and for all we know it could just mean some refreshed specs -- if even that, really.

reminds us that October has been historically the month of refreshed Mac hardware in the lead-up to holiday shopping... but that doesn't mean it's the case now. All we really know now is that third-party outlets aren't currently stocking the Air and it's unknown if they're getting anymore shipments of this particular model -- which, we know, isn't nearly as exciting as the imagination. Sorry about that.

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