NTT DoCoMo's touchable 3D display prototype seamlessly integrates haptics, chameleons

Okay, that might not be a chameleon -- we're not the reptile experts we wish we were -- but NTT DoCoMo claims it is. Regardless, we were pretty impressed with this little setup NTT DoCoMo had going in the R&D (that is, not-for-production-just-yet) section of its CEATEC booth. The crown jewel of the setup is a small glasses-free 3D display -- obviously intended to mimic the size and style of display you'd see on a phone -- with stereoscopic cameras just above it to detect the presence and position of an attached stylus. As you move the stylus toward a point on the display, the cute little beast lashes its tongue out in the direction of the tip, and a surprisingly strong haptic kick is generated inside the stylus through an inductive coil to mimic the effect of the tongue hitting you. It's pretty obvious that something like this would have neat implications for mobile gaming... but like everything in NTT DoCoMo's R&D department, it's going to take a while to get to retail -- and even when it does, it'll very likely be Japan-only. Follow the break for video.