Sirius XM Sound Dock unites a fractured past, accepts tuners from both Sirius and XM

The North versus the South in America. East and West Germany. Quebec revolting against English-speaking Canada. Sirius and XM. History's chock full of broken spirits, hurt feelings and splintered memories, but the latter of these mentioned touches our heart the most. We mean, just look at this new boombox -- the Sirius XM Sound Dock has somehow managed to put differences and demographics aside in a mighty effort of reuniting two satellite radio companies that once wished death and destruction upon one another. Expected to ship later in 2010 for $129, it's the first docking speaker station that's compatible with both XM and Sirius 'Dock and Play' tuners released over the past three years. If you're nowhere near an AC outlet, it'll also operate with an eight-pack of 'C' cell batteries, and there's an auxiliary input and headphone output for added flexibility. Frankly, the release of this fellow reinstates our hope that world peace can indeed be achieved... so long as we take it one radio at a time.