Debunk: Leaked iPad photo doesn't show next gen design

By now you may have seen some photos of an alleged iPad casing doing the rounds that is purported to be the next generation of Apple's tablet. In the pics, you can clearly see that there are two distinct slots for the company's 30 pin dock connector, which would allow you to plant the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode. Unfortunately, this isn't a sign of things to come -- it's a future that never was. According to a trusted Engadget source, what the image actually shows is a rejected concept from the current generation iPad. The story goes that originally there had been plans to feature two dock connections, but close to the last minute a design decision was made to kill the landscape port.

It's still possible that Apple has decided to go back to the two-port design, but in all likelihood this is a piece of a prototype which has found its way into the world. If the story we've been told is correct, then there would likely be dozens if not hundreds of these back pieces floating around China. From what we can suss out, this is not the direction Apple is going in for the next version, but hey, if come January we see a new iPad with two dock connectors -- drinks are on us.