Advertisement goes live, only Desire HD and Desire Z supported at launch

Let's say you're a mobile phone maker. Now, what's the first thing you do after raking in $360 million in a quarter? We're guessing that "launching a new backup / remote wipe portal" wasn't the first thing that came to mind, but that's precisely what HTC has done. was officially introduced alongside the Desire HD and Desire Z in London last month, promising to one day allow registered owners to use the web in order to locate a lost handset, remotely wipe a lost handset and maintain a backup of your contacts, texts, customizations, etc. in the cloud. Looks like "one day" is "today," with the portal finally opening its doors to registrants. Unfortunately, the only two phones supported at the moment are the two it was introduced alongside of (neither of which are publicly available), so it looks like you'll spend most of your time at the source link ingesting what it can offer you in the future. But hey, who said a little schooling was a bad thing?

Update: Pocketnow has a walkthrough of the new services (via a ROM hack on the HD2), with a video embedded after the break. We know it's tough to wait, but at least this glimpse will make it a bit easier, yeah?

[Thanks, Marcus]

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