T-Mobile myTouch hands-on (update)

That front-facing camera, optical trackpad and Genius button are all in plain sight, but we're afraid we didn't get to give them a try -- the screen on this T-Mobile myTouch is pitch black because it's just a hardware prototype. That didn't keep us from snapping plenty of pictures when we spotted the Froyo-filled HSPA+ handset at the carrier's booth, though -- including a few of the phone side-by-side with its predecessor, the myTouch Slide. First, you'd probably like to hear about the hardware on display, so here's the executive summary: the device feels fairly solid, it's got a neat two-tone design with a fancy metal battery cover, and there's a nice big shutter button. The myTouch also sports a set of three copper contacts on the side almost certainly destined for a landscape dock, though nearby T-Mobile representatives quickly disavowed knowledge of any such product. They did confirm we'll see the phone by the holidays, though, so we won't have long to wait.

Update: As it turns out, this particular myTouch is actually the white one, as the handsets all share the same black and chrome styling up front. Want to see what it looks like with a red back, though? See for yourself at the tail end of our first gallery below. %Gallery-104500% %Gallery-104501%