TUAW video review of the new Apple TV

Yesterday afternoon on TUAW TV Live, I ran a 21-minute video that I put together that shows the features of the new Apple TV as well as the Apple Remote app for iPad. This was part of a special TUAW TV Live episode (which can be viewed in its entirety here) focusing on the Apple TV.

Since many readers might want to see how the Apple TV works without watching the whole hour-long TUAW TV Live episode, I've taken the liberty of posting two YouTube videos that show how the device works. I also have some opinions on the device, which I'm glad to share -- I think version 2.0 of the Apple TV is a huge improvement over the first device in size, power efficiency, speed, price, and clarity. Apple still needs to increase the number of video sources (networks in particular) that can be streamed from the device, and AirPlay won't go live for another month or so, but I already consider device the best $99 I've spent on tech equipment in 2010.

Check out the video (split into two pieces to fit onto YouTube) on the next page.