Apple in talks to launch iTunes subscription music service?

Rumors of an iTunes subscription service are nothing new, but it's not every day they pop up in Reuters and the New York Post and CNET all at once, so here we go again. The Reuters and NYP reports claim Apple's Eddy Cue has been meeting with record execs to pitch a new $10-$15 monthly service that would offer unlimited access to music -- the pricing would be tiered depending on the amount of music consumed and how long you'd get access to it. That goes hand in hand with the CNET piece, which says Apple's trying to keep Spotify from getting US deals in place by telling the labels they'll never make any money from the service -- not the most chivalrous of moves, but no one ever said the music business was a friendly place. Of course, we've been hearing versions of these rumors for ages now and we're sure there are always talks ongoing, so this could all be nothing, but we'd bet Apple's trying to work something out ahead of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch and renewed Zune marketing push. We'll see, we'll see.