Brasso Gadget Care polish review

At Engadget, we tend not to make a big fuss about cleaning products, but this one deserves a little shout-out: Brasso, a well-established metal polish brand in good ol' Blighty, is pushing out its Gadget Care polish gel to the masses tomorrow. What really caught our attention was the fact that this will be Brasso's first new product for a whopping 110 years, but of course, at the end of the day it's all about whether the polish does what it says on the bottle, and whether it'll leave your gadgets' paintwork unharmed. The selling point's simple: not only does this gel clean your gadgets, but it also leaves a layer of silicone that's supposedly both anti-static (or dust-hating) and smear-preventing. Well, 'tis certainly a very bold claim, so join us after the break to see if this new Brasso's worth your money.%Gallery-104531%

We followed the instructions to apply a few drops of the gel on a few of our gadgets, and used the supplied microfiber cloth to wipe until they were dry. As you'll see in the video below, after some quick and easy buffing the screens became squeaky clean, and our smearing was noticeably less effective after the polishing. We were also able to use some Brasso to clean the chassis and the back of our phones without damaging the texture or paint. On the other hand, though, the cloth did deposit some black lint, so it looks like the advertised anti-static claim didn't deliver its promise in full. Still, £4.99 ($7.95) isn't too bad for a gadget-friendly polish that can at least repel some of your body grease, and here's hoping that this Brasso will soon make its way across the pond to Fast Food Nation (and beyond).