Gaikai game streaming service on target to launch in December, with all 'major publishers' signed on

The OnLive gaming service may be free now, but that doesn't mean that others aren't gunning for its members. Similarly fee-free competitor Gaikai was announced back in July and was initially said to be launching in September. However, the plan apparently wasn't to launch in September, rather to be done in September, which Dave Perry is insisting they are. The company is now just waiting to finalize some publishing deals before sending out invites to members in 60 days. Those won't be a sort of public beta like OnLive went through, with Perry saying "There will be no 'you're in a beta.' It'll just be 'go ahead and play.'" EA is still the only big fish the company has hooked thus far, but Gaikai officers expect to have "all the major games publishers" onboard by the end of the year. Say what you like, you can't knock their optimism.