New EVE character creation videos prove CCP can make pretty humans too

While some may not care for the sandbox play and politics of EVE Online, we often hear from people about how graphically gorgeous they think the game is. Well, with the new character creator that's been released to the Singularity test server, CCP is showing that it's ready to rock a whole new way -- Incarna! These two videos preview the shiny new creator in testing, showing off a Caldari Achura female and a Minmatar Brutor male character. We'd also note that CCP has made it clear that the character creator is a work in progress and as such is missing some options currently.

Of course, we'd be lying if we didn't point out that this character creator preview video also makes us squee for CCP's other title under development: World of Darkness. The character creator for that game will have to be able to balance the ethereal beauty of the Toreador clan with the twistedly horrific looks of the Nosferatu clan all in one -- and we'd say this one shows the promise of having that kind of power. Check out the full videos after the break!

[Thanks, CrazyKinux!]