New image manipulation software results in a skinnier you on film, leaves the real you feeling inadequate

German researchers have developed a new form of image manipulation which really gets to the heart of the matter: we all want to be skinnier and have better looking muscles. The new software, developed at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, allows both pro and amateur filmmakers to 'dramatically' alter the physical forms of the people on screen -- a process which was previously limited to tedious and time-consuming frame-by-frame techniques. The technique was developed by the team doing full 3D scans of 120 men and women of various shapes and sizes, then merging them into one seriously awesome human form, resulting in a person which can be easily manipulated into pretty much any shape necessary. This malleable form can then be mapped to the actual person on screen, and manipulated for the desired effect in one single frame, and that is then applied to the rest of the film. Video is below.