TUAW's Daily App: Tilt to Live HD

The quirky and fun Tilt to Live is one of the most-loved iPhone games out there, according to its fans, and now, lucky iPad owners get their very own version of the title with Tilt to Live HD. Rather than just a port, the big-screen version updates the graphics and brings a new model into the mix. It's a free download, which means you can try out the tilt-controlled chaos at no charge, then pay a US$3.99 in-app purchase for three new modes, plus a few new powerups and weapons to try.

If you're going to make your app iPad compatible, let's be honest: the best way to do it is to just go universal, since no one likes re-buying the same software for a new device. But if you want to make a completely new experience, Tilt to Live HD does it exactly right, offering up the same thrills as the popular iPhone version, with the option for more. If you somehow missed the game on the smaller screen, check it out on your iPad right now.