HTC HD7 (aka Schubert) pictured in glorious monochrome, headed to T-Mobile for $200?

We've seen O2 Germany's HTC Schubert and a Chinese HD3, but here's a giant Windows Phone 7 device with "T-Mobile" clearly painted on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. TmoNews got these alleged images of the HTC HD7 from their usual anonymous source along with a partial spec sheet, which actually claims slightly different dimensions for the phone and double the amount of flash memory (16GB in all) than we heard before. Different strokes for different folks, or is one of these two rumors totally off? You'll probably want to keep both possibilities in mind before considering this last tidbit from the very same source: the phone will reportedly cost $199 on a two-year contract. Or you could just wait for us to blow out all the Windows Phone 7 details tomorrow, of course.

Update: Enjoying the look of this phone from your vantage point in Great Britain, are you? You might be able to pick one up as well -- 911sniper apparently found a O2 UK version of the HTC Schubert's ROM, as reported by Pocketnow below.