AT&T U-verse Mobile preview

We just got a look at U-verse Mobile running live on Windows Phone 7. It looks just like every other Windows Phone 7 app, of course, but it looks like AT&T isn't cutting this thing off at the knees content-wise. From the phone you'll have access to your entire DVR for scheduling and checking the program guide, and you'll also be able to see any episodes you have recorded on your box. Within that view you can find a subset of shows that have been flagged by the content providers to allow streaming (free-for-all Sling this is not). Additionally, the phone can access a mobile version of U-verse's on demand deals over 3G WiFi, which should hopefully be comparable to Zune or iTunes offerings -- though we'll have to see the specifics to find out for sure. The show we were shown buffered quickly over WiFi and was able to skip around within the episode even faster. Check out the video walkthrough after the break.