Copy and paste coming to Windows Phone 7 in 'early 2011' (update)

So, maybe Microsoft meant "people don't do that in 2010." At the mega-corp's UK-based Windows Phone 7 launch event, we were just informed that its hot-off-the-presses mobile OS will be blessed with a software update that'll add copy and paste functionality in "early 2011." That's according to one Andy Lees, and while details beyond that are scant, it's possible that said update will also bring other magical makeovers into the fold. We're still a little baffled that the company would leave such a seemingly vital part of the software out at launch, but we guess certain corners always have to be cut in order to get something out before a sure-to-be-profitable holiday quarter. And hey, it's not like we haven't seen another major mobile OS player pull this same stunt before.

Update: CNET's Ina Fried got a quick look at an early implementation of copy and paste in Windows Phone 7, and says it works fairly well: You start by clicking on a single word, then drag your finger across the rest of the passage you'd like to transmit to expand your highlighted selection. When you let go, a paste button appears. Sound about right to you?