France's SFR jumps gun, announces Palm Pre 2: 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, webOS 2.0

It's unclear if the tiny, little shot posted on French carrier SFR's Club SFR pour Palm blog is in fact the rumored upcoming Pre 2 or just an old Pre shot, but let's put it this way: considering that we can't readily tell the difference, it better be an old one. At any rate, the sparse details in the blog post line up with everything we're expecting so far, namely that the new model will use a 1GHz processor -- presumably a TI OMAP3630 -- and will sport a full half gig of RAM on board. Between those two spec bumps, we'd fully expect the refreshed webOS 2.0 to scream... but we won't really know for sure until Palm gives us something to work with. In the meantime, SFR, thanks for the teaser.

Check out another shot from SFR's site after the break -- it looks like they don't have any intention to pull the news down, otherwise we have to believe they would've done so by now.