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HTC 7 Surround graces AT&T with a slideout speaker, Windows Phone 7 credentials

Need a break? No chance, there are still so many more phones to look at! HTC's sole Windows Phone 7 launch device for AT&T has just been revealed as the HTC 7 Surround. You'll remember this as the sexily titled T8788, which made us gape back in August with its unusual design that incorporates a slideout speaker. We can now add an integrated kickstand to the multimedia-friendly physical design, while the spec sheet (available in full after the break) is consistent with the rest of HTC's lineup. The 7 Surround offers a 3.8-inch WVGA display, a 1GHz Snapdragon chip from yesteryear, 576MB of RAM, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video, and Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround Sound technologies. This unconventional handset will be exclusive with AT&T in the US and Telus in Canada. Pricing in the US will be $199.99 on contract. %Gallery-104733%