LG Optimus 7 first hands-on (update: video!)

If you've got enough time to breathe, you're not doing it right. Our crazy tour through Windows Phone 7 land is continuing at full pelt with the LG Optimus 7. We must admit we were very pleasantly surprised by this handset. The 3.8-inch display is a mere LCD and the construction appears to be wholly plastic, but both seem to be punching well above the weight of their constituent elements. It's a well chiselled, handsome, and light phone, with a trio of physical buttons at the bottom. Whether you like those will really depend on personal preference, we tend to like the clicky tactile feedback of real buttons more than the stillness of touch-sensitive capacitive keys. LG has outfitted the handset with the bone stock WP7 interface, but has augmented the offering with its own apps, namely Play-To for getting friendly with your TV over DLNA and Voice-to-Text for easing your textual inputs. We're definitely fancying the general build quality and design, tell us what you think after checking out the pics below!

Update: Video now embedded after the break.

Update 2: Turns out we were unfair to this little gem. The reason the Optimus 7 felt so ruggedly awesome in our hand was because it does indeed feature a metal back plate covering its battery compartment. Good stuff, we say.%Gallery-104781%