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Lovefilm looks to be headed to UK PlayStation 3 consoles

You Americans may not have a clue what Lovefilm means to Britons, but in short, it's Netflix for the other side of the pond. To that end, we imagine quite a few UKers are giddy over a video that has since been pulled from Sony's YouTube channel. We've embedded it after the break in case it revives itself in some magical, mystical fashion, but Everything PlayStation managed to grab the copy from underneath while it was still alive. It's bruited that Lovefilm streaming will be coming to UK-based PS3 owners sometime this autumn, with a wealth of search options available and free trials promised for those who've yet to buy into the outfit's services. We're hoping to hear more from Sony (or Lovefilm) in short order, but for now, we'd encourage you to cross every finger you have that a dedicated disc won't be required for everything to work.

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