Samsung Omnia 7 first hands-on (update: video!)

Samsung's Omnia 7, ladies and gents. Equipped with the only Super AMOLED display in Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 stable, the Omnia 7 provides suitably vibrant and richly saturated visuals. To be perfectly fair, we didn't note a major advantage in using its display relative to the other WP7 devices, but that's more a mark of distinction for the other phones on show today. The hardware really is looking polished to perfection on all these devices, and the Omnia 7 isn't really breaking with that trend, showing off a remarkably lightweight body that combines straight lines with a nicely curved back that sits well in the hand. The power/lock button is curiously positioned on the side of the device, but all points of input seemed to perform very nicely once you know where they are. The depressed Windows key is basically identical to the iPhone's, dare we say it, iconic home button. As to performance, we've nothing to say that we haven't said about the other WP7 launch devices, it's blindingly, ridiculously, delightfully quick.

Update: Hey, who wants to see Engadget being pinch-to-zoomed on a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen? How about a quickie size comparison between the Omnia 7 and the iPhone 4? Both are in the video now available after the break.%Gallery-104793%