Steve Ballmer teases three WP7 handsets on Today, gets no respect from Matt Lauer

Today's going to be a big day for Microsoft, and Steve Ballmer's kicking it off early. Showing up on the Today show, Samsung Cetus in-hand, he let loose a humble smile and spent a little time showing off a trio of phones. Along with the Cetus, nestled in the middle in the picture below, is an LG C900 on the right and an HTC Mondrian on the left, none of which got as much face time as the man himself, who took a (tersely) polite ribbing from host Matt Lauer about the status of Microsoft's mobile efforts compared to the competition over the past year, even making mention of Ballmer's recently cut bonus thanks in part to the Kin debacle. Steve was having none of that, not interested in looking back, showing off an "always consistent" interface that is simply "delightful" according to the man. How delightful is it? Look to learn a lot more as the day progresses.

Update: Thanks to muslimsteel for pointing out in comments you can watch the segment yourself right here.