Delicious Library may regain iPhone support... sort of

delicious library

Once upon a time, Delicious Library was available for the iPhone, and it was quickly yanked from the App Store due to infringing upon Amazon's API TOS. I learned all of this after recently purchasing the fantastic OS X application, and then wondering why it didn't have an accompanying iPhone app. So, over a year since the app was pulled, I had to ask the folks at Delicious Monster what was up -- would it be coming back, somehow?

The answer I got back wasn't all that promising. Since Delicious Library still makes use of the Amazon API, it's still infringing upon Amazon's API rules if it goes on a mobile device. However, there's nothing stopping the OS X application from doing what it does. So, I asked, why not marry the two together?

Delicious Library has the ability to make use of Bluetooth-enabled scanners to read barcodes, and since the iPhone's camera is perfectly capable of reading the same barcodes, couldn't it be used as a scanner interface to Delicious Library? Heck, Apple seems to be loosening their restrictions regarding Bluetooth.

"That's an idea we're actively exploring, as it wouldn't upset Amazon's terms of service, and it'd be cool," Chief Delicious Monster Wil Shipley told me last month. "But we have nothing to announce at this time, except our next product is not going to be this."

The next product he was talking about was most likely the recently announced Google Googles client, Noogle Noggles. So, could a scanner-centric Delicious Library iPhone app be next? It certainly seems plausible.