HTC loves Android and Windows Phone 7 equally

HTC's relationship with Microsoft is the stuff of daytime television. It was HTC's commitment to building high quality QWERTY handsets for Windows Mobile that first gave the young Taiwanese company the spotlight. HTC then shifted its allegiance to Android just as the green monster was on the rise (and WinMo in decline). So where are we today? Well, of the ten Windows Phone 7 handsets announced yesterday, half were from HTC. If that doesn't signal HTC's commitment to Redmond then maybe a quote will. Speaking at a press conference in Taipei yesterday, HTC CEO Peter Chou said, "Right now we have Windows Phone 7 and Android, and focus the same on each, but let the market decide." Peter then promised more WP7 handsets in 2011 without getting into specifics. So let's check in next year and see how things go, shall we?