Insignia intros second portable HD Radio: NS-HD02 with 'live pause' and bookmarks

Believe it or not, HD Radio's still kickin'. It'll never be the runaway hit that MP3 was, but considering what satellite radio has been through over the past couple of years... well, maybe things aren't so gloomy after all. Best Buy's house label has just introduced a followup to last year's NS-HD01 portable HD Radio -- a unit we were able to toy with for a tick -- with the predictably named NS-HD02 boasting a far nicer display and a trio of newfangled features. Best Buy's trumpeting Artist Experience (on-screen program related images, including targeted ads), Live Pause (enables users to pause playback for up to 15 minutes) and Bookmark (self explanatory), but it ought to be focusing on the 2.5- x 3-inch capacitive touchpanel that looks to be leaps and bounds better than the LCD we kvetched about last year. It'll also boast a 3.5mm headphone jack and ship with a pair of sure-to-be-lackluster earbuds, and it'll land in Best Buy stores on October 24th for $69 (a $20 premium over the HD01).%Gallery-104843%