Live from Sony's Google TV event

Things are all set to go down at 5:30EST -- we'll see you then!

5:59PM Okay, that's it! We're going to grab some hands-on before Mike Posner hits the stage.

5:59PM Why yes, a woman browsing the web on a giant TV in New York would attract some attention.

5:58PM "We have an aggressive marketing campaign coming up." Showing the TV ad now.

5:57PM "We have a guest that's very appropriate for this audience -- Mike Posner." He's explaining who Mike Posner is. How appropriate.

5:56PM "Where and when will this be available?" Pre-orders right now, on shelves at Sony Style this weekend, at Best Buy starting October 24.

5:55PM Looking at the screen right now, there's sort of a lot going on -- the TV PIP, the faded out Twitter app in the background, and the main Google TV nav overlaid. It's all well organized, but it's definitely a bunch of elements.

5:54PM He's using the Twitter app to send a tweet -- he looks pretty comfortable typing with two thumbs on that keyboard.

5:53PM He's hitting the Dual View button to put the TV feed in PIP while he searches and browses on the rest of the screen. This is a very familiar Google TV demo -- and it's yet to be explained why you wouldn't just do this on your phone or laptop while watching instead.

5:51PM Ah, he's using a Dish Network DVR, which is why he's seeing DVR results in search.

5:51PM They're watching the Food Network live, but they want to watch Man Vs Food instead, so they're searching for it. Unintentionally hilarious: the Food Network popped up a little "Check out your favorite episodes on iTunes!" box just now.

5:49PM Demo time!

5:49PM He's going through the usual examples: checking fantasy stats while watching football, checking out Snooki's Facebook page while watching the Jersey Shore. Wait, what?

5:48PM "Video in the future will also include early window." He's basically saying Sony releases will hit their products first. That's not a bad differentiator.

5:47PM "Unlike other competitors who have limited or closed access to the internet -- I think you know who I'm talking about -- we have open access to the limitless internet." Sick Apple burn!

5:47PM "Search is available on other TVs, but not like this. You can search comprehensively across, your DVR, across TV, and across the web." DVR, huh? That's different, if it's anything other than Dish DVRs.

5:46PM You can also use the remote to control other devices.

5:45PM "We've incorporated design elements from other successful Sony products, namely the PS3. We've also incorporated a full QWERTY keyboard, and a mouse function."

5:45PM He's talking about the remote now -- "Keyboards didn't belong in the living room. But this remote is beautiful -- it belongs in the living room. It feels natural."

5:44PM There's a pretty giant fan on the back of the BD deck.

5:43PM Four Sony Internet TV sets from 26 inches to 46, $599 to $1399. The BD deck will be $399. Not bad, compared to the Revue.

5:43PM He's got the Google TV Twitter app on the screen while he rattles off the usual "people watch more internet video now" stats.

5:42PM "Today what we have is broadband proliferation and more relevant video content. Watching regular TV and regular apps is SO 2009."

5:41PM "Some skeptics might say internet connectivity is available on the TV today... but not like this."

5:41PM "Sony is proud to be a pioneer of this new entertainment category. We are created what we believe to be a new TV revolution."

5:40PM The TV looks like a TV, but the BD deck is pretty unique -- it's trapezoidal in shape, and white.

5:40PM Mike Abary, SVP Sony's home division coming on stage. "Let's show the people what they came here to see." Pulling the sheet off the TV now.

5:39PM "Sony is the world's first to deliver a full internet TV based experience directly to your living room." It's like they're totally ignoring the fact that Logitech is also delivering a Google TV device.

5:38PM "Exploring the internet is as easy and fast as it is on your PC, only now it's on your large-screen TV."

5:38PM It's about the size of the Logitech Mini Controller.

5:37PM He's showing off the remote now -- it's much smaller than you'd expect.

5:37PM "Today we launch two solutions: Sony Internet TV and Sony Internet TV Blu-ray disc player."

5:37PM "We are very proud to be the pioneers of this new category by delivering the world's first internet TV experience."

5:37PM "Sony will redefine the current TV viewing style -- through an alliance with Google, we have achieved this goal."

5:34PM Bob Ishida on stage, the head of Sony's worldwide home entertainment business. "Since 2008 Sony has been transformed. We have been networking new ways for customers to experience media across a family of hardware devices."

5:33PM He just called it a "Sony-first technology." We're thinking Logitech might have some thoughts about that.

5:33PM Stuart Redsun on stage, SVP of marketing. "We're excited to introduce to the world the Sony Internet Television. This technology solidifies Sony's position as the true experts of innovation."

5:32PM Lights are down -- here we go!

5:31PM Mystery solved -- it's supposedly Mike Posner.

5:30PM We're being told things will get under way in five minutes. That gives us plenty of time to speculate about who the surprise musical guest will be -- any thoughts?

5:25PM There's something under a white sheet on stage -- it would be a complete mystery if not for the glowing Sony logo emanating from the TV within.

5:22PM Sony's really going with the swanky lounge vibe here -- dim lighting, candles, lush downtempo electronica, cocktail waitresses. We're also cuddling up on white leather couches instead of sitting in chairs, which is... interesting.

5:14PM We're here and waiting to get in the event -- and hey, what's this on our press badges? Why, that's the leaked Sony TV keyboard controller we saw a while back. Our nerd hearts, be still.