T-Mobile G2 getting an OTA update to add WiFi calling and tethering?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but apparently some G2s are getting an official (if stealthy) OTA update from T-Mobile that adds the inexplicably withheld Android 2.2 native internet tethering back into the phone, along with the UMA WiFi calling T-Mobile plans to offer on all of its forthcoming Android handsets. What's not to love? Well, so far our G2 hasn't been offered the update, which is, like, totally unfair. Also, if you've been messing around with a "soft root" on your G2, you'll probably want to hold off for now. Still, if this is legit and meant for the masses it's a pretty major score for current and prospective G2 owners: WiFi calling is basically a beautiful dream short of a desirable handset, and of course tethering is becoming a requirement in this Android-age.