Cybertecture Mirror reflects our fantasies, looks set to become a reality (video)

We're still trying to rub the disbelief out of our eyes, but no, this isn't a dream. The Cybertecture Mirror may look like yet another vapor-rich concept -- what with its translucent overlaid interface and cloud-connected ways -- but it's actually just had its launch in Hong Kong, is set to start taking pre-orders in December, and will (hopefully) be shipped by the middle of next year. The brainchild of one James Law, this reflective renegade measures 800 x 500 x 50mm, comes with stereo speakers totalling 10W of power output, WiFi, IP41 waterproofing, and fog-resistant glass. Before you ask if it runs Android, both the display and operating system are said to be proprietary, with the latter offering access to messaging, weather, calendar, and apps, such as an included fitness-tracking utility. Wen Wei Po reports a 60,000 HKD ($7,733) launch price and a very ambitious expectation that two million Mirrors will be sold over the first three years. Best of luck to them. You'll find masses of video after the break.

[Thanks, Brendan]