Elpida and Sharp team up for ReRAM in 2013: 10,000x the speed of current NAND flash chips

Want to know where the next breakthrough in mobile technology will come from? Well, if Elpida and Sharp have their way, the answer will be the usual suspect of Japan, where they're working away on new memory chips said to be capable of four orders of magnitude faster performance than the ordinary NAND flash storage of today. Dubbed ReRAM, or Resistive Random Access Memory, this project targets a 2013 date for commercialization and counts the University of Tokyo and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology among its development team. Details on how such blinding speeds will be reached aren't readily available, but the Nikkei reports power consumption will be down to "virtually zero" when the memory's not in use. So with ReRAM and HP's memristors both set for three years from now, can we schedule NAND's funeral for 2014 or what?