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Razer debuts wireless Naga MMO mouse, Ironclad mousepad

While our eye-hand clicking capabilities are usually relegated to "upload image" and "RT" and the occasional "ban commenter," that doesn't stop us from dreaming of a world where we're an elite vid-gamer (that's "video gamer" to any n00bs out there), an entire virtual world at our beck and call. Razer can help us live that dream with its Naga MMO mouse, which has a wild assortment of numbered buttons on its side to be theoretically assigned to those high-powered abilities we've theoretically invested countless hours into obtaining -- or theoretically paid a good price to a gold farmer for. Now Razer has a wireless version of the 5600 dpi laser mouse, using the same wired / wireless tech of the Razer Mamba (which is nice for when a theoretical gaming session stretches beyond the 12 hour continuous use mark the mouse is rated for) to let you plug in at will. There's also a charging dock that conveniently doubles as the 2.4GHz wireless base station. "That's great, Razer," you might say, "but what will I put this mouse on top of?" They're glad you asked. Razer is simultaneously launching a new ultrasmooth mousepad dubbed "Ironclad," built out of a single piece of aluminum. The pad will retail for $60 this month, with the mouse following for $130 in November. %Gallery-104998%