Shanzhai Steve Jobs makes a special appearance in Hong Kong (video)

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Shanzhai Steve Jobs makes a special appearance in Hong Kong (video)
You know, we've had all sorts of KIRFtastic encounters while visiting China, but take this four-letter word to a whole new level and you get this: a Chinese clone of Steve Jobs. What's actually happening here is Hong Kong MTR launching the latest release of its iOS subway app (which does augmented reality!), and to mark this special occasion, the company invited local celebrity Law Kar-ying to recreate Apple's notorious reality distortion field. That said, unlike the real Slim Stevie, this dude was also giving away iPhone 4s to a few lucky audience members -- just goes to show that not all clones are bad, mmkay. Video after the break.

P.S. This isn't the first time that a renowned CEO's been portrayed by a celebrity from the Far East -- Taiwanese news anchor Jeffrey Mindich unintentionally played Bill Gates a little while back. Let us know if you have a good candidate for Steve Ballmer.

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