Keepin' it real fake: Magic Mouse and iPhone converge into iPhonc

Do you dream at night? Do you stare at your ceiling pondering questions that no other Earthling could possibly ponder? Contrary to popular belief, you aren't actually alone in this nightmare, and we too have wondered what would happen to our universe if a Magic Mouse and iPhone collided. Look up. Now down. Now back up again. That greenish, devilish device you see above is the iPhonc, a "KIRF of all KIRFs," if you will. It's hard to pinpoint who exactly thought to shove a dumbphone into the body of a Magic Mouse, but in some strange way, they've managed to make our souls smile. Best of all? Even the source here admits that it's meaningless to wonder over the specifications and price, noting that the shell alone should attract sufficient attention. Makes the fading of Meizu a little easier to handle, you know?