Count The Beats: Filtatron by Moog Music to be released Monday

This is just a heads-up to let you know that Moog Music is releasing their own iPhone / iPod touch music app on the App Store on Monday.

From the PR, we can glean that Filtatron is a real-time audio effects engine and studio tool that has a finely-modeled Moog Ladder Filter at its core. Yes, it's the same filter that gives Moog instruments their warm, thick character and tone. Now, in the palm of your hand (and at a mere fraction of the cost), you can make your own deliciously eerie, yet oh-so-creamy Moog tones.

Mike Adams, president of Moog Music had this to say.

"Filtatron represents the first time that the signature Moog sound is available outside of a high-end, hand-made Moog synthesizer. This powerful app extends the studio capabilities of traditional Moog users, and also provides music enthusiasts and Moog fans a fantastic way to create and share their personalized presets. All for a price that makes the Moog sound accessible to a wide audience."

With loads of presets and samples, it looks like Filtatron will have plenty to get your creative Moog tunes flowing. What's quite exciting is that you can use the Filtatron sampler to record your own unique sounds, and then you can mash them up with the Moog Ladder Filter as well as the built-in effects module, including delay. It seems that the overall sound is controlled with a virtual amp, which provides tones that range from warm analog overdrive to extreme distortion.

Filtatron will be available from Monday on the iTunes Store for US$4.99.

We're certainly looking forward to having a play with this one. Check out the demo video after the break, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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