News Corp pulls its Hulu content from Cablevision customers, escalating carriage dispute (update)

No Fox Hulu notice

If you were thinking that you'd just watch your favorite Fox shows on Hulu until Cablevision and News Corp worked out their differences, then think again. Not only can you not watch Fox on Cablevision's cable service at the moment, but if you get your internet from said company, you can't watch Fox content on Hulu either. This isn't too terribly surprising considering the networks see Hulu as a supplemental service to their traditional avenues, but that doesn't make cord cutters who don't even subscribe to cable feel any better. The good news is that these disputes don't tend to last long -- they usually never amount to an interruption in service -- so you shouldn't miss too many of your favorite shows before Cablevision gives in and pays Fox $1 per subscriber (vs $0) like the other providers have.

Update: Hulu PR told All Things D that it "remained neutral" by blocking only Fox content on Hulu, so it's not like the entire service was pulled. Either way, things may be resolved quite soon, as the publication reports that both and Fox programming on Hulu have been switched back on.