Sony's Google TVs on sale at Best Buy tomorrow, already hitting stores? (update)

Sony told us that Best Buy wouldn't begin selling its Google TV sets until October 24, but it looks like that wasn't quite right -- sources within the big box retailer tell us the TVs have already arrived, and will be free for all to purchase when an October 17th street date breaks tomorrow morning. The scrap of paper you see above goes on to suggest that full shipments may not actually arrive until the 19th and that the Logitech Revue won't appear until the 20th, but if you're looking to get a nice big NSX without hunting for a Sony Style store, it's definitely worth a shot. That assumes, of course, that you're not planning to wait for our full review. Might we recommend at least a brief glimpse at our early hands-on? Find a pic of Sony's Google TV packaging after the break.

Update: Sure enough, we're getting reports that the TVs and Blu-ray player are now on sale, and you can find them ready to ship online at our more coverage link. [Thanks, Jon]