Canon's 35x SX30 superzoomer reviewed: dazzling specs don't trump sub-par performance

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and though Canon's PowerShot superzoom line has gone from SX20 up to SX30, the new model has received a review that's strikingly similar to that applied to last year's model. On the SX20 they liked the focal range but hated the noisy image quality, and such is the case on the SX30 IS. This year it has a whopping 35x focal range, going from 24mm all the way up to 840mm and adding "very effective" IS to boot. The problem is double-trouble on the image quality front: noisy shots anywhere north of ISO 400, and chromatic aberrations that add a little too much Technicolor delight on contrasty shots. Ultimately it sounds like a hugely flexible and capable shooter, but only for those who aren't too picky about quality -- and who don't mind the $429 MSRP.