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HTC HD7 vs. Desire HD: battle of the 4.3-inchers

Come October 21, European smartphone buyers will be faced with the enviable choice of having to pick between two 4.3-inch handsets from HTC bearing the latest and greatest OS from their respective camps. The HD7 will be one of the flag-bearing Windows Phone 7 devices, whereas the Desire HD -- which is already sneaking out into retail in some small quantities -- offers the finest Froyo dessert Google has yet cooked up, replete with some extra sprinkles of Sense-ible enhancements. We'll have full reviews of both in the coming days, but for now, we thought we'd whet your appetite with a tour round their oversized bodies, both in pictorial form below and on video, right after the break.%Gallery-105307%

N.B. In the video we say that both the Desire HD and the HD7 have 5 megapixel cameras, which is, of course, inaccurate. The Desire HD has an 8 megapixel sensor.