Caveat emptor: Custom Android handsets all the rage in Germany?

This isn't the first customizable phone we've laid our eyes on, and we've always been a fan of the concept -- even if the execution sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Apparently there's a small startup residing in Germany called Synapse that will sell you a custom Android 2.2 handset, complete with 4-inch multitouch touchscreen, with prices starting around €434 ($600). We say apparently because, try as we might, we only got the Drupal-powered website to appear once this morning. Indeed, the tipster couldn't even get it to appear more than once himself, which is why he sent us a screen shot. Thanks! What we were able to see, however briefly, was a whole menu of customizable options, including radio (3G and 4G, including LTE and WiMAX), Bluetooth, WiFi, up to a 12 MP camera (with a flash or not), mini-HDMI out, various memory and storage options, and more. Not bad, eh? We don't think we'll be taking a chance on this vaporous website, but if you do, make sure you let us know how it works out.

Update: Not that we've been able to access the site again, looks like the thing could be had for a baseline price of €299 (or roughly $410). Thanks to Thomas and everyone else who pointed this out!

[Thanks, Christian]