Power mad modder rips the keys out of his Epic 4G, calls it a gamepad (video)

Sometimes a mod is more than just a mod: it's a manifesto. When Phawx over at BrainLazy decided to take an X-Acto knife to his Epic 4G's keypad, he knew what he was doing: both challenging Apple's place in the world of cellphone-based gaming and encouraging other manufacturers to step up to the plate. Although early on in the design process he mocked up some plastic controller pieces to replace the factory keypad altogether, by the time it came to try the thing out he realized that by simply pulling out the unused keys and making a few minor (very minor) cosmetic adjustments he could give his touchscreen handset a gamepad slider more eminently more playable than your Droid's Game Gripper -- and eminently less mythical than your PSP Phone. Video after the break.