Watch Oprah give Kinect to her entire audience ... and the hysteria that ensues

You're getting a Kinect! And you're getting a Kinect! And you, and you and you're getting a Kinect! Oprah did today what only Bejeweled and FarmVille have been able to do so far: Get a bunch of middle-aged women ecstatically excited about video games. The television guru indeed gave an Xbox 360 system and a Kinect sensor away to every member of her studio audience this afternoon, and while you might expect a group of gamers to be a little thrilled about that, this crowd went freakin' nuts.

The show was about "The Next Big Thing," and featured an appearance by reality show crooner Susan Boyle, as well as a segment on The Daily Show's upcoming "Rally to Restore Sanity" anti-movement. But whatever the reason Oprah decided to go all Microsoft motion controller on her audience, it appears to have worked -- they loved it. Maybe this means they don't have to buy Christmas presents for the kids this year? Watch the whole surreal video after the break.

(Sorry for the shaky cam, better video when we find it.)