BlackBerry Bold 9780 starts leaking all over the place (update: video)

Pick your poison: Vodafone Netherlands? T-Mobile UK? A shop associated with Orange? Or heck, how about RIM itself? All of the above have started teasing the BlackBerry Bold 9780 recently, RIM's oft-leaked upcoming replacement for the Bold 9700 -- so it seems like this will be a pretty wide-scale deployment around the globe (as most of RIM's launches tend to be). We've yet to see any leaks via American carriers, but we'd say it's safe to argue that AT&T (and perhaps T-Mobile, too) will be signed up to take delivery of these things before too long. As a refresher, the 9780 is basically a 9700 with a better camera, more RAM, and BlackBerry 6 preloaded... so if you love your 9700, you're probably going to love the 9780 even more. Timing is unclear, but one carrier -- Vodafone Netherlands -- has proclaimed that it'll have 'em in early November.

Update: Video review with smooth dutch delivery (subtitled in english) posted after the break.

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